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Profiling Tool

Assess your team's state of flow, and the factors causing the situation


Our unique approach that makes Flow in Teams not only attainable, but highly likely


Find out how others are building "Team Flow" in their organisations


Access to a range of transformational tools and metrics to help you on your TeamFlow journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will learn all about the flow state, how it works, and what happens in your body chemically and mentally when you are in flow.

You will also learn how to enter flow yourself on a more consistent basis and how to get your team into Flow.

Yes, I am a hypnotherapist. But before I became a hypnotherapist, I worked in Human Resource Development, growing people, leaders and teams.

I use hypnotherapy because I found it is the quickest way to get into the Flow State. If you would rather use other techniques, you can. In the workshop, we will be discussing how you can use prayer, meditation, mindfulness and yoga to do the same thing.

And when you are working with your team, you will want to afford them the same options.
Please rest assured that I will not be forcing hypnotherapy on anyone who does not want it. There is one part of the workshop where I do hypnotherapy, and I will be offering anyone who is not comfortable doing it to leave the training room for 20 minutes.

If you would like some more information on how hypnosis works and the difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy, check out these videos:

What is hypnosis?
How Hypnosis works
How Stage Hypnosis works
No, everything will be provided on the day.
4 hours. We typically start at 9am and go through till 1pm with a break at about 11am, but these details will be provided when you sign up and you will be able to choose a workshop that suits your needs.

About Me

Craig Leith

My name is Craig Leith, and I have been developing people and teams for over 30 years. I have worked with multinationals, governments, universities and businesses of all sizes across mining, manufacturing, technology, hospitality, retail and professional services.

I make massive change with individuals and teams possible, by removing their internal blockers, activating subconscious achievement triggers and ensuring they are acting “On Purpose”

I specialise in performance improvement, working mostly with Teams in Business.

I have found that if team members enter a flow state together, their performance lifts radically, they anticipate faster, make better decisions and support each other in a fluid, flexible way.

I also work with indiviuals to clear their self-sabotage and help them to move up to the next level. Whether its a stalled career, a fear of public speaking or procrastination, I get them moving and achieving quickly.

If you'd like more information on my background check out my profile on LinkedIn.

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