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Craig Leith

My name is Craig Leith, and I have been developing people and teams for over 30 years. I have worked with multinationals, governments, universities and businesses of all sizes across mining, manufacturing, technology, hospitality, retail and professional services.

I use Rapid Transformational Therapy to make massive change with individuals and teams, removing their internal blockers, activating subconscious achievement triggers and ensuring they are acting “On Purpose”

I specialise in performance improvement, working mostly with Teams in Business.

I have found that if team members enter a flow state together, their performance lifts radically, they anticipate faster, make better decisions and support each other in a fluid, flexible way.

I also work with individuals to clear their self-sabotage and help them to move up to the next level. Whether its a stalled career, a fear of public speaking or procrastination, I get them moving and achieving quickly.

If you'd like more information on my background check me out on LinkedIn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I find the root cause of "What's holding you back" and THEN implement change.

Coaching and training typically deal with the conscious mind and processes only. Unless people make a change at a subconscious level, it is unlikely that it will last.

I get my clients' subconscious to work with their conscious. Once they are aligned, the barriers are removed and they move forward quickly.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a proven technique for making radical change.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I have been trained by, and continue to work with Marisa Peer, who has perfected RTT over 30 years working with people from all walks of life, including celebrities and royalty.

For more information, watch my video on how I use RTT
Under hypnosis you will be able to bypass your conscious mind and access the subconscious directly. Your brilliant mind holds all the answers, so we can move directly to the root cause of your issue in a single session, rather than having endless conversations where the conscious mind filters out and deletes information, often indadvertently hiding the real cause and keeping you trapped.

Hypnosis only makes up about 25% of Rapid Transformational therapy, but it is an important part of the process.
No. You are in complete control and cannot be made to do anything you don't want to. Hypnosis allows YOU to access your subconscious mind and allows YOU to bypass your conscious thoughts. I am like a guide.

It's only in the movies that Hypnotists make people do things that they don't want to.
Rapid Transformational Therapy has been used all over the world by thousands of people to deal with their issues simply and effectively.

Check out my testimonials and do your own researcxh to see the impact RTT is having with individuals and teams
You will be very relaxed, but awake, although you will have your eyes closed for most of the session. Depending on the issue we are dealing with you may feel emotion during the session. You will remember everything.
If you want to be hypnotised you will be. Hypnotism is not some magical process. It is a science that works in a similar way to when you sleep and dream.
You may have heaps of energy or you may feel quiet and reflective. Everyone is different. Typically you will continue to discover more about yourself over the coming days and weeks.

You will leave the session with a personalised recording that you must listen to every day for at least 3 weeks. We will have a follow up session a month later to ensure the issue has been dealt with.
The Rapid Transformational Therapy session will fix the issue. The recording is to ensure that you don't go back to old patterns just because they are familiar. Listening to the recording every day for 3 weeks makes the transformation permanent.
Book a free Consult with me and we can discuss it :)

The free consult gives you the opportunity to have all your questions about RTT answered. It also allows me to understand your issue better and confirm whether or not I can help you. If I feel that a colleague might be a better fit, then I will refer you to them

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First, I check that everyone is comfortable being hypnotised and find out what the team wants to achieve.

Then I do a group RTT session with the whole team, aligning everyone at a deep subconscious level. After I have worked with the team, people feel more connected to others. The entire team behaves more synchronously, making smarter decisions, anticipating the moves of their teammates and trust increases.

I also make sure that other things in the environment that support this change are put in place too.

If you would like more information, please contact me.

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